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Beat by Lil Fiji
[Intro] Keep your head up
It’s real life
Keep your head up

[Verse 1]

I know your mom died and I feel your pain
That’s why I’m sitting in the dark sparking up this flame
And you lost your dad too
And he’s still a soldier
Please don’t let the grind stop
Know that life ain’t over
Seeing you cry some nights
With your head down
Hurt my heart like a stroke
That you go unfed now
Don’t let the pain crush your mind
And yourself man
I’mma hold you down for real
It just crossed my mind
How the days pass when you’re not looking
But death in your family got all the pictures crooked
Plus your grandma and your grandpa
Life is too short to be living with your head hung
Keep it up
Keep your head up
Know that you could make it

[Verse 2]

Brother didn’t snitch and he took that bid
He didn’t know what time was ’til he took that bid
Just look him in his eyes
Said two plus ten
I ain’t know what math was
But that’s two-plus ten
No one asked why he felt that pain
Why he got so mad
Loaded up and cocked that back
Didn’t ask why he hit those licks
His whole family dying
Plus he scared that the drugs don’t mix
And he mad that the drugs exist
Whole family apart ‘cause the buzz is it
And they rather get high than to hug their kids
Man, I look him in his eyes and he hate that shit
I did this for you, bro
And everything is good
Someone love you

[Verse 3]

Lady from the hood
Swear she got no answer
Gotta raise three kids
But she got breast cancer
And we know rent due when the bank won’t answer
Wanna move out the hood and defeat that cancer
I ask how she stay on her feet like dancers
How she keep on adding paint to a life-size canvas
She told me every day that you must take chances
If you’re living in the past then there’s no enhancements
She said life’s hard but the dreams do matter
Only way to read books is if you move through chapters
She said spread love of pain and promise
And she died the next day
That’s what made me honest
It’s real life
Take everybody like they’re a million dollars
You never know

[Verse 4]

Girl Seventeen got to fix her posture
Always getting beat down by her deadbeat father
He’d say nice things
But it’d be so awkward
When he’d drink alcohol
Then he’d slap her mama
Now Girl Seventeen
Call men imposters
What he did to her mind caused way more drama
She walked out of the house
Said no more drama
Had to fend for herself
So she stayed with partners
She met a nice dude and his name was Seante
And he ran a little game and proceed to boss her
Because she wants a man nothing like her father
She would do anything for a dude that bothered
Seante made her start having sex for dollars
And it really hurt my heart every time I saw her
Deep down inside all she wants is a father
So I never judge a book by its cover
Girl Seventeen having sex for hours
Staying up long nights
Even missed a shower
Had to deal with the pain off pills and powder
Taking long drives home on the road for hours
Sex with many men
Even dealt with cowards
Wouldn’t put the condom on
‘Cause he felt the power
Seante got sick, had to call the doctor
Said he didn’t feel well and his head was nauseous
Girl Seventeen started to get real cautious
‘Cause Seante never said what was in that office
Seante came home looking like he lost it
So Girl Seventeen went to kiss him
He said, “Don’t touch me, I’m HIV positive”

Lil B Real Life Rap Seo For Rapper on YT MUSIC

More important than the legal issues, according to the music promoters, is that A1 merely pursues a piggyback strategy that has permeated the hip-hop world. Lil B is known for its ability to record tracks by popular search terms with a little more artistic legitimacy. Take it from me, there’s nothing wrong with releasing a song about people who are just called “Charlie Sheen, Paris Hilton and the like” in the news. Welcome to YT MUSIC videos where you can get found.

Lil B has managed to establish himself as a revered cultural icon and walking meme in the hip-hop world. While some may see this as a joke, it is actually a great example of why everyone should be aware of the importance of social media and its role in rap. Soulja Boy, the first artist to make optimal use of the Internet and social media, is one of the most influential and influential artists in hip-hop.
Let’s be real, the Crank Dat Dance has united the entire planet in a short space of time, and it seems like a running gag is underway, one built around Lil B that is destroying the purpose of hip-hop as a medium for social media and is going to be one of the next top social media platforms, with our youbaby video section where you can personally post your own videos.

You might know him as the guy who is somehow responsible for cursing Kevin Durant and James Harden. Whatever the case, whether it’s because you’re familiar with the legend Lil B, or because his Twitter biography puts him in the same category as online historical figures, three words that couldn’t be more apt to describe the based god.

This masterful trolling is endearing and laudable, and in part makes him the greater – more than – life icon he is today.
In addition, Lil B has profoundly influenced hip-hop culture in other ways outside of music. At the same time as Soulja came out, he dropped the progressive banger “Martian” with Paris Hilton, and he opened the door for rappers who lacked traditional skill sets.

Beat and Rap Lyrics for SEO

In a recent Complex interview, he is quoted as saying: “There are a lot of rappers who have borrowed from him, which has definitely spawned the swag-woop formula, but they don’t give him credit. There is no doubt that he could be called the “YouTube rap” or maybe he will convert to “YT MUSIC Rap”; he also has a huge influence on emerging – and – emerging – established artists such as Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, and Lil Yachty. But Lil B deserves credit for the hand he had in pioneering and helping the rapper’s internet, which is so prevalent in today’s game.

British rapper from Manchester Alijai (born December 9, 1999 in Minnesota), better known as Aitch, is a British rapper from Manchester. What makes him unique from all the others is that he has been providing the world with free music for years, even though he has never sold a single physical album in his career.

Rapper producer to build an audience on YouTube, where he racked up more than 74 million views last year alone. Not to mention that he earned a reputation as a radio freestyle rapper and destroyed his career with his hit “Hot Hot Hot.” This Morning “for the first time in its history on the Billboard Hot 100, the number one of the year.

The platinum-winning rap veteran from Atlanta is officially an independent hip-hop artist, and that’s true, ladies and gentlemen. T.I. Grammy nominee, Grammy Award winner, multi-platinum artist. Gambino is one of the best independent rappers right now, but there’s no question that he’s a top-tier rapper himself.

Back to Tip: T.I. managed to build his label Grand Hustle Records into a powerhouse in the business, which included a string of high-profile artists including Snoop Dogg, Lil B, and Kendrick Lamar. It’s not too late for independent artists to be successful, connect with their fans, play live shows, make money, and be successful. Independent rappers can create, distribute, promote, and distribute anything from their laptops without setting up a website.

What these artists have in common is that they embody the hustle and bustle, diligence, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit that characterize hip-hop culture. J.Hope is a pop artist by profession and rapper by profession. This hip-hop essay is part of our ongoing effort to celebrate the life and work of one of the most influential and influential artists in the world, Lil B.
K – Pop has long recognized the popularity of rap, with almost every major single in the industry having hip-hop color somewhere in its middle. The three-member rap faction has written its own version of the rap genre, which is strongly tied to the American hip-hop tradition and consistently offers technically strong verses for a seven-member music group. There is even a “rapper’s club” style, where a third of a group’s rap lines consist of just one or two verses from each member, rather than the usual four or five.



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